Sunday, April 10, 2011

That Mayor is crafty!

He's all for getting me in trouble!

The mayor asked us to pull out our camera and take a snapshot in a no camera museum... :o Shortly afterwards we were kicked out of the museum.
This is the last time I listen to the mayor :rolleyes:

-Love Trevor

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For you- Nurse Kawaii!

Dear Kibbles...
Remember that time I invited you over for a Christmas feast- but that feast wasn't "feasty" enough for you so you invited yourself into my old Thanksgiving room and ate 1 month old leftovers?

Well I'm very sorry I didn't lock that room... and I'm very sorry I didn't keep a better eye on you

Instead of a romantic Christmas evening with Kibbles, I ended up with a sick Kibbles.

It is all my fault- I am so sorry Kibbles!
To make things better I decided to become a nurse!

I even studied at Doom Bunny's School of Doom for Nurses!

I thought it was kind of funny that Doom Bunny wasn't even a Bunny... maybe the school was actually called Doom ex-Bunny's School of Doom for Nurses? Oh well- that doesn't matter. All that matters is I practiced practiced practiced!

I'll admit that it was actually pretty easy to become a nurse- but don't think that means I slacked off as a nurse! I worked real hard, and I even followed Doom Bunny's instructions EXACTLY. Mr. Bear was even helpful (I had to pay him half of what I paid Doom Bunny for the lessons) and let me use him as a practice subject!

I thought becoming a certified nurse would take longer than a couple of hours, but heeey, Im not going to complain. All the faster I can make you feel better now! I was worried that by the time I got my certified nurse certificate you'd either be better or... well... you know.

Anyways my mama's acting all funny and wont let me set foot out of the house after I told her I planned on making you feel better. So I can't come over right this moment to take away your sickness- but I promise you, as soon as I can sneak out behind my mama's back I'll be right there to make you feel alllll better!

In the meantime she's letting me send you a get well card, so you know I care and wish I could come over. Here it is:

I now regret letting Mr. Bear sign the card too... "Be sure to lock your doors"? haha, what? Such a random Mr. Bear, he should have put something better like "Hope you feel better soon!" Of course everyone knows they need to lock their doors so Hideeni doesn't pop in and eat all of their food! Or even use their toilet- yuck! What's wrong with you Hideeni?

-Hugs and Kisses from Trevor