Sunday, April 10, 2011

That Mayor is crafty!

He's all for getting me in trouble!

The mayor asked us to pull out our camera and take a snapshot in a no camera museum... :o Shortly afterwards we were kicked out of the museum.
This is the last time I listen to the mayor :rolleyes:

-Love Trevor


  1. Trevor your blog is adorable! Too Bad your Kibble's Love or I'd try to steal you lmao.
    <3 Denise

  2. Oh! Thank you Denise :)
    I used to not be held down by anyone! Not even my Stinky Girlfriend my mama forces me to date (Because she's her fiancées pet). But one day Kibbles seduced me :"(

    At first it was an "open" relationship because Kibbles was dating both me and Vampy, but Vampy soon dumped Kibbles :(

    So I'm there for Kibbles, and try not to flirt too much (aside from my stalking of Vampy and Aliex....)

    You are a very lovely Bunny and Dennis Hopper made a Huuuuuge mistake flirting with your friend Cookie! I hope you find another lovely bunny to date soon!

    xoxo -Trevor