Friday, October 15, 2010

Its OCTOBER! Time for Candycorn :)

Its been a long time since I last written- I apologize about that. Half of it is my mommy's fault for not reminding me to write in my blog... the other half is just me not knowing what to write about. I do not like to write boring blogs- or blogs that, to me, don't seem entertaining in some way.

It is now October! My favorite month- with candycorn, Halloween costumes, candycorn, trick or treating, candycorn, and even pumpkins! Since last time I haven't been up to much. I had my birthday party (August 31st for the record- a whole month after my mommys!)

All my friends came over and took pictures- but this is going to be the only picture I put up of my birthday party! There was way too many to put up here. I got spoiled- especially by my best friend SophieBella! I got both a new room and a pet mansion from her :)

Other than that Ive been up to the same old stuff-
Stalking Vampy

And trying to make him fall in love with me... so far it hasn't worked.

I also updated my first room to celebrate october and Halloween!

Note all the candycorn! And Mr. Fluffy (my innocent bunny pictured) is now a frakenstein bunny!

Other than that the mayor moved into town finally... I'm not too keen about him. He acts like he's all high and mighty and IM the NEWB. Mine you Mr. Mayor- I've been a Pet Society citizen longer than you have! As you can tell my first visit with him didn't go so smoothly...

I'm sorry but who is he to tell me what Pet Society first looked like? I was here WAAAAYYY before he was :( and just because he decides to finally move in doesn't mean he's smarter than me- or that IM THE NEWB :(

I told him off! and after that the Mayor kindly kicked me out of his house...

I decided that I don't like him- after all he's the one that shows up everytime the village is "under construction" and won't let me outside to play, or even in my own house sometimes! The nerve of that guy.

He even told me that he wasn't going to pass out candy on Halloween because he ate it all... Im planning on egging his house come Halloween night! but Pssshhh- don't tell him!

-Love Trevor

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kibble's "Manly" Party

Today is Kibbles birthday. You know- I was expecting a hand written invitation but I never got any. I wasn't sure what to wear when I went to Kibble's Birthday party, and when I came over in a surprisingly cute outfit I was surprised by Kibble's reaction...

Kibbles frowned when he saw me in my lovely outfit, he than quickly informed me that his party was "Manly". I couldn't help but shed tears, and it instantly made Kibbles regret what he said. He apologized to me, but since it was his birthday party and he wanted it to be "Manly" I quickly went home to change.

This time Kibbles reacted a little bit better about my outfit choice (if not a little bit weird)! To be honest the mustache tickled, but I figured it was the best way to be Manly!!!

I went to go party with Kibbles in his party room, I was surprised to see some rather "girly girls" at this so called "Manly" party of Kibbles...

Kibbles brushed off my concern of these weird females breaking into his "Manly" party, and he wouldn't stop acting weird himself. He constantly blushed, stumbled when he tried to dance, and even accidently spelt some cake on my nice Manly outfit. He apologized and told me he was just really happy I came over. Being that we were only friends for a "few weeks," as he put it, he was just overjoyed that I had came to his birthday party.

We danced, partied, ate lots of cake, and than we even shot off fireworks once night came!

Kibbles than told me that he wanted to talk to me one on one. He took me into the pinkest room in his house (Because he knows I like pink... I think) and told me that he wanted a "Very special present" for his birthday.

I wasn't suspicious at all, I just thought that maybe Kibbles wanted some of my "secret" stash of candycorn that Vamp boy has been stocking up on me. I figured maybe Kibbles finally realized how tasty candycorn is compared to bento lunches! I would have been glad to give up some of my candycorn to my dear friend Kibbles. Or maybe if he wanted to wear one of my pink dresses, I wouldn't mind letting him borrow one...

But instead when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday most of all, he closed his eyes and made this really funny face...

Its actually hard to explain, but it looked like this:

Maybe Im just as naive as Vamp Boy because I didn't get the hint. I saw Kibbles make such a funny face that I couldn't help but giggle, and than his whole face turned red. I felt really bad afterwards.

Kibbles than told me that ever since he met me he's been harboring a crush on me! I was shocked! I mean I know Kibbles flirted with me, but I didn't think anything of it! One of the very first things Kibbles ever told me was that he was in a "open relationship." It never hit me that he was interested in me.

He than explained to me that he absolutely couldn't resist me when I was "Manly" looking (apparently I don't look as cute in my pink dresses). He always had to resist the urge to kiss me when ever he came over and I was in a manly outfit!

This explains why he was so disappointed when I came over in my dress this morning.

I had lots of fun at Kibbles party, and when I left in the morning I even gave him the one thing he wanted for his birthday...

A kiss from the very manly Trevor.
He admitted himself that the mustache tickled, next time I come over I wont wear it! and I'll be sure to wear more manly outfits now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The seduction of Vamp boy...

Okay, Ill admit it... I didn't lose all hope when I heard Vamp Boy had a fiancé...

I know he's not single (and infact involved with two other pets), but I couldn't keep myself from crushing on him, or from secretly attending the "Vamp boy is hot" Fanclub.

I no longer bring the fan club over to his house, or attend any of their "field trips" to areas Vamp boy likes to visit, instead I visit Vamp boy everyday at his house BY MYSELF. Yes Im just that Greedy.

I try wearing snazzy cute outfits- that way Vamp boy can't resist me!

I even went as far as stalking him in his own house...

Thankfully Vamp boy didn't care so he never kicked me out. He also, strangely, never got the hint that I like him!
You would think after somebody comes over in scuba gear to watch you take a bath you would get the hint... but not Vamp Boy!

Dang it Vamp boy! and he didn't even take a bath naked! who does that??

Oh well- better luck next time on seducing Vamp Boy.

-XOXO Trevor

Friday, July 30, 2010

Making friends

Do to the inactivity of my friends, and the loss of my best friend Winnie, I haven't written in over a year!

I decided to take charge, I decided to be happy... so I went the the Pet Society forum and made a small and simple post

I than described how I needed better friends than just Mr. Bearbear... and ever since than Ive been making friends left and right!

alot of them are really great people, and its made me realize why I was so addicted to the pet society forum a year ago.

I have made several great friends worth mentioning. The first of which is the lovely (but taken) vamp boy! I sometimes call him vampy:

It was me that actually contacted him. My owner thought he was an adorable pet and would make a great friend for me. a few days after adding him he gift bombed me and gave me some really cool items!

This is me being giftbombed

and than this is me holding one of the awesome presents he got me!

Vamp boy was so sweet, and I even ended up finding out that hes a crossdresser too! So slowly I found myself falling for him, and I even became one of his fan members in his "Vampy is so hot" fan club!

Shortly after joining the fan club I ended up getting a cute visitor named Kibbles at my house. He came over explaining that he was Vamp boys fiancé (oh no, right?), and that he wanted to be friends with me. My heart quickly dropped at the mention of fiancé and from that point on I gave up all hopes of anything more than friendship. Well its okay, I do have a girlfriend after all, and like 50 crushes (go me)

Both Kibbles and Vamp boy invited me out to go party- so I did just that with them! It was really fun. They have to be two of the greatest friends I accidently made.

Aside from Kibbles and Vamp boy there is one new awesome friend I forgot to mention- her name is Poppy Boo!

She is adorable! and her favorite toy is the oriental tiger too! I had to gift her one because we have things in common and she was nice :)

She ended up getting a makeover (but shes still cute) and we even went out for icecream shortly after her makeover! Ill tell you some more about her some other time

PS: Kibbles has a blog of his own! Its thanks to him that Im trying to get my blog up and running again. Please view his blog

-Sincerely Trevor

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The "What happened to Winnie?" post

For those of you reading this that know about my comics I created about a year ago, and are wondering about where Winnie is now and why I wont be posting about her... well here it goes:

Winnie was known as my BBFF (Best Bunny Friend Forever), to be honest Im not even too sure if she was a bunny, but I called her that once and we stuck with it since. She was both a good friend to me in Pet Society, and a good real life friend to my owner out there in the real world (Winnie's owner of course, not her herself).

Being with her was really fun, I enjoyed creating comics with her, talking with her, and my owner even loved hanging out with her in real life. But than things happen...

Long story short lies were thrown around, feelings were hurt, and things came spiraling down faster than any of us could catch up with them. I guess you could say both my owner and Winnie's owner are overly emotional people- and they had a clashing point. They tried to fix the problems between them, but things weren't patchable, and my owner soon found out that it was easier to cut all ties with her friend than to go on being constantly hurt by the things that have happened.

Its not really something my owner wants to discuss, but it's also something she needs to. Winnie was a big part of Trevors life, and she will go on being remembered as a great friend in mind and memory.

So heres to you Winnie, and all the great memories. I am sorry about the rift between us.

Me and Winnie up in the slopes, we were planning on going skiing

That day I bought Winnie a surprise (its the mask Im wearing! lol)

That day we played dress up :) I was the beautiful twin, quite obviously

The day we went into the Faerie forest and had a picnic together

And than finally... that day your husband William broke your heart and left overseas.

I saved that picture for last because its how I feel about our friendship, Im sad it has broken apart, but I also know that there is nothing I can do to put the pieces back together.

Im sorry about the sad post guys, but I felt that the loosing of my friend Winnie is a major step in my life that must not be ignored! so here it is for the world, but from now on I promise you nothing else but happiness from this point forward.

Memory lane is a sweet and harsh reality
-Sincerely Trevor.