Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The "What happened to Winnie?" post

For those of you reading this that know about my comics I created about a year ago, and are wondering about where Winnie is now and why I wont be posting about her... well here it goes:

Winnie was known as my BBFF (Best Bunny Friend Forever), to be honest Im not even too sure if she was a bunny, but I called her that once and we stuck with it since. She was both a good friend to me in Pet Society, and a good real life friend to my owner out there in the real world (Winnie's owner of course, not her herself).

Being with her was really fun, I enjoyed creating comics with her, talking with her, and my owner even loved hanging out with her in real life. But than things happen...

Long story short lies were thrown around, feelings were hurt, and things came spiraling down faster than any of us could catch up with them. I guess you could say both my owner and Winnie's owner are overly emotional people- and they had a clashing point. They tried to fix the problems between them, but things weren't patchable, and my owner soon found out that it was easier to cut all ties with her friend than to go on being constantly hurt by the things that have happened.

Its not really something my owner wants to discuss, but it's also something she needs to. Winnie was a big part of Trevors life, and she will go on being remembered as a great friend in mind and memory.

So heres to you Winnie, and all the great memories. I am sorry about the rift between us.

Me and Winnie up in the slopes, we were planning on going skiing

That day I bought Winnie a surprise (its the mask Im wearing! lol)

That day we played dress up :) I was the beautiful twin, quite obviously

The day we went into the Faerie forest and had a picnic together

And than finally... that day your husband William broke your heart and left overseas.

I saved that picture for last because its how I feel about our friendship, Im sad it has broken apart, but I also know that there is nothing I can do to put the pieces back together.

Im sorry about the sad post guys, but I felt that the loosing of my friend Winnie is a major step in my life that must not be ignored! so here it is for the world, but from now on I promise you nothing else but happiness from this point forward.

Memory lane is a sweet and harsh reality
-Sincerely Trevor.

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