Friday, October 15, 2010

Its OCTOBER! Time for Candycorn :)

Its been a long time since I last written- I apologize about that. Half of it is my mommy's fault for not reminding me to write in my blog... the other half is just me not knowing what to write about. I do not like to write boring blogs- or blogs that, to me, don't seem entertaining in some way.

It is now October! My favorite month- with candycorn, Halloween costumes, candycorn, trick or treating, candycorn, and even pumpkins! Since last time I haven't been up to much. I had my birthday party (August 31st for the record- a whole month after my mommys!)

All my friends came over and took pictures- but this is going to be the only picture I put up of my birthday party! There was way too many to put up here. I got spoiled- especially by my best friend SophieBella! I got both a new room and a pet mansion from her :)

Other than that Ive been up to the same old stuff-
Stalking Vampy

And trying to make him fall in love with me... so far it hasn't worked.

I also updated my first room to celebrate october and Halloween!

Note all the candycorn! And Mr. Fluffy (my innocent bunny pictured) is now a frakenstein bunny!

Other than that the mayor moved into town finally... I'm not too keen about him. He acts like he's all high and mighty and IM the NEWB. Mine you Mr. Mayor- I've been a Pet Society citizen longer than you have! As you can tell my first visit with him didn't go so smoothly...

I'm sorry but who is he to tell me what Pet Society first looked like? I was here WAAAAYYY before he was :( and just because he decides to finally move in doesn't mean he's smarter than me- or that IM THE NEWB :(

I told him off! and after that the Mayor kindly kicked me out of his house...

I decided that I don't like him- after all he's the one that shows up everytime the village is "under construction" and won't let me outside to play, or even in my own house sometimes! The nerve of that guy.

He even told me that he wasn't going to pass out candy on Halloween because he ate it all... Im planning on egging his house come Halloween night! but Pssshhh- don't tell him!

-Love Trevor