Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kibble's "Manly" Party

Today is Kibbles birthday. You know- I was expecting a hand written invitation but I never got any. I wasn't sure what to wear when I went to Kibble's Birthday party, and when I came over in a surprisingly cute outfit I was surprised by Kibble's reaction...

Kibbles frowned when he saw me in my lovely outfit, he than quickly informed me that his party was "Manly". I couldn't help but shed tears, and it instantly made Kibbles regret what he said. He apologized to me, but since it was his birthday party and he wanted it to be "Manly" I quickly went home to change.

This time Kibbles reacted a little bit better about my outfit choice (if not a little bit weird)! To be honest the mustache tickled, but I figured it was the best way to be Manly!!!

I went to go party with Kibbles in his party room, I was surprised to see some rather "girly girls" at this so called "Manly" party of Kibbles...

Kibbles brushed off my concern of these weird females breaking into his "Manly" party, and he wouldn't stop acting weird himself. He constantly blushed, stumbled when he tried to dance, and even accidently spelt some cake on my nice Manly outfit. He apologized and told me he was just really happy I came over. Being that we were only friends for a "few weeks," as he put it, he was just overjoyed that I had came to his birthday party.

We danced, partied, ate lots of cake, and than we even shot off fireworks once night came!

Kibbles than told me that he wanted to talk to me one on one. He took me into the pinkest room in his house (Because he knows I like pink... I think) and told me that he wanted a "Very special present" for his birthday.

I wasn't suspicious at all, I just thought that maybe Kibbles wanted some of my "secret" stash of candycorn that Vamp boy has been stocking up on me. I figured maybe Kibbles finally realized how tasty candycorn is compared to bento lunches! I would have been glad to give up some of my candycorn to my dear friend Kibbles. Or maybe if he wanted to wear one of my pink dresses, I wouldn't mind letting him borrow one...

But instead when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday most of all, he closed his eyes and made this really funny face...

Its actually hard to explain, but it looked like this:

Maybe Im just as naive as Vamp Boy because I didn't get the hint. I saw Kibbles make such a funny face that I couldn't help but giggle, and than his whole face turned red. I felt really bad afterwards.

Kibbles than told me that ever since he met me he's been harboring a crush on me! I was shocked! I mean I know Kibbles flirted with me, but I didn't think anything of it! One of the very first things Kibbles ever told me was that he was in a "open relationship." It never hit me that he was interested in me.

He than explained to me that he absolutely couldn't resist me when I was "Manly" looking (apparently I don't look as cute in my pink dresses). He always had to resist the urge to kiss me when ever he came over and I was in a manly outfit!

This explains why he was so disappointed when I came over in my dress this morning.

I had lots of fun at Kibbles party, and when I left in the morning I even gave him the one thing he wanted for his birthday...

A kiss from the very manly Trevor.
He admitted himself that the mustache tickled, next time I come over I wont wear it! and I'll be sure to wear more manly outfits now.

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