Friday, August 13, 2010

The seduction of Vamp boy...

Okay, Ill admit it... I didn't lose all hope when I heard Vamp Boy had a fiancé...

I know he's not single (and infact involved with two other pets), but I couldn't keep myself from crushing on him, or from secretly attending the "Vamp boy is hot" Fanclub.

I no longer bring the fan club over to his house, or attend any of their "field trips" to areas Vamp boy likes to visit, instead I visit Vamp boy everyday at his house BY MYSELF. Yes Im just that Greedy.

I try wearing snazzy cute outfits- that way Vamp boy can't resist me!

I even went as far as stalking him in his own house...

Thankfully Vamp boy didn't care so he never kicked me out. He also, strangely, never got the hint that I like him!
You would think after somebody comes over in scuba gear to watch you take a bath you would get the hint... but not Vamp Boy!

Dang it Vamp boy! and he didn't even take a bath naked! who does that??

Oh well- better luck next time on seducing Vamp Boy.

-XOXO Trevor


  1. lol, yep.
    Ill try coming over naked to his house, do you think that would do the trick?

    -Love Trevor (xoxo to you Kibbles!)